How to fit all the cooking tools you need into one box

 …my wife Adri and I moved out of our apartment in New York at the end of April. For a full month before heading off on a three-month trip through Asia, we were staying with friends who, despite their hospitality, had a severely understocked kitchen. And now, having finally moved into a new apartment in San Francisco, we’ve had to endure the past three weeks waiting for our boxes packed with kitchen tools to arrive. What is an itinerant cook to do?

Luckily, we were wise enough to plan for this and put together an emergency kitchen-in-a-box containing all the hand tools, small gadgets, knives, and pots I’d need to cook great meals for two people with no extra frills. With the contents of this box you can saute, simmer, boil, braise, and roast. You can even make cakes and breads, or boil pasta or rice. You can make casseroles or quick one-skillet dinners. You can pan-roast fish or make a small batch of stock. The best part? This entire collection of stuff fits inside a single standard small cardboard box, which means that you can take it with you on that weekend getaway to the ski lodge or the beach and know that you’ll be in good shape.

I call it my Emergency Cooking Kit, and I plan on stocking all of my future bomb shelters (or earthquake shelters, as the case may be) with an ECK of their own.

The Food Lab’s Emergency Cooking Kit: How to Fit All the Tools You Need in One Small Box — SeriousEats.

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